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Awakening the Soul

Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

Don't mind me... I'm just having a genui
Are you ready to go beyond the body and
Come as you are._You are welcome here.__

Work at your own pace and time through this personalized apprenticeship  program and learn more about yourself and how to help others through this highly potent, accessible and transformational practice.

Participants in this course will receive an "Awakening the Soul" workbook.

Participants will need to fully read required reading materials, 

cultivate a weekly self practice and study of Yoga Nidra

 daily journaling, participate in a one-on-one mentorship with Malaika,

with on-going guidance via facetime/ remote or direct.

Culmination of this training will include a final practicum.

Participants will learn:

  • Who can Benefits and the overall benefits of Yoga Nidra

  • The science behind why and how it works

  • How the brain contributes to the state of your mind

  • Brain waves and the nervous system interplay

  • Historic roots of Yoga Nidra

  • Different levels of consciousness

  • The 5 Koshas and the framework for Yoga Nidra Practice

  • Experiencing the Subtle Bodies

  • Class planning and Script Planning and Design

  • Design of Pre and Post Yoga Nidra Practices 

  • Your Role of being  Yoga Nidra guide

"Training with Malaika has been a beautiful and essential experience for me on both a personal level and as a professional yoga teacher. She welcomes her students with ease and an open heart. The supportive materials and requirements for this training provided a nice balance of reading, personal practice, study, one-on-one guidance and so on. I'm so thankful for this experience and look forward to more continuing education trainings and workshops with Malaika."

 Danielle McCourt, St. Petersburg FL

Awakening the Soul - Yoga Nidra  Certified Teacher  2020

I am extremely grateful for the experience of having Malaika as my teacher and mentor for Awakening the Soul Yoga Nidra Teacher Training. Her enthusiasm and love for the practice of Yoga Nidra are contagious! 

Being able to do this training at my own pace was very helpful. And when I personally needed to pick up the pace at the end, Malaika was very supportive and flexible in setting up our one to one meetings. The knowledge, experience and teaching techniques that I have gained from the content of this training have deepened my understanding and love for Yoga Nidra far beyond my expectations. I have enjoyed many classes, workshops and trainings with Malaika over the past several years and this was by far the most personally enlightening one for me as I peeled back another layer or two on my journey to Self. 


With Malaika there is a welcoming ease and calmness but with a spark of uplifting energy. And this equanimity makes the experience feel more like a collaboration in some ways and not just teacher and student. I’m so thankful I chose to take this training with Malaika as the mentorship part of my 300hr YTT and look forward to future workshops and trainings with her! Namaste 

Ann Gaboriault, Vermont

Awakening the Soul- Yoga Nidra Certified Teacher 2022

Awakening the Soul training with Malaika Dos Remedios is aptly named. Over the course of this program (which is as spacious as I let it be) I deepened my internal awareness, got clarity in my intention, and tapped into my deep seated free will and confidence. I've taken great (and skillful) leaps of faith in the last year, moving with Ishvara Pranidana. The self led pace of the program helped me find meaningful and practical ways to incorporate Yoga Nidra into my life without a feeling of massive guilt if I didn't progress at a certain pace--rather the practice and teachings opened at the pace they were meant to for me. Working one on one with Malaika allowed me to connect on a more personal level and receive the support I needed. 

Sasha Finnell, Vermont

Awakening the Soul- Yoga Nidra Certified Teacher 2023

If we are lucky, every rare now and again we cross paths with a person who helps to lift our veil of fear and resistance so we may realize our true dreams and wisdom. From the moment I met Malaika in 2018, I felt her light, her peace and her guidance immediately. Not only is she an expert at what she does, her warmth, and compassion, her patience and vivacity are what sets her apart from any other yoga teacher and guide I've ever had. 

Her heart is in all she does, her softness and strength, curiosity and care make it easy to learn from her, connect with the work, and grow in the practice. There is no person with whom I could have taken this important journey. Malaika reminds us of our innate radiance, our potential. She fashions all she does with love and authenticity and joy. Her intentions are that you live in your best self. I'm so grateful to have learned from her mentorship. What I have learned will carry me through the rest of my days. I am forever indebted. 

Alex Hudson, Vermont

Awakening the Soul- Yoga Nidra Certified Teacher 2023

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