" I teach in loving honor, of those who have shown me love and kindness. "


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 Malaika DosRemedios (E-RYT-500+, and YACEP) for just over a decade now, is a full-time teacher of the Tantric Tradition of Hatha Yoga, group fitness instructor and personal trainer in the Burlington, Vermont area during the late Spring to mid Fall and lives in Key West, Florida during the Winter. She has been a dedicated and long time student practicing yoga since 2002 and has been leading and guiding students and teachers since 2009.

When not in Vermont or Key West she is traveling and teaching all over the globe leading empowering classes , workshops, retreats and other events. In 2015-2017, Malaika has lead Intensive Immersion Teacher Trainings in Bali, Indonesia and intensive trainings and clinics for students and teachers in Sydney, Australia. 

Tantra is the ancient yogic science of harnessing and directing life force called prana, to cultivate steadfastness, clarity, and ease within to connect to our inner light body and spreading it out as we move through the world.

My offerings are based in Tantra Yoga, in the context of the Sri Vidya tradition of India, one of the oldest schools of Tantra. Sri Vidya can be defined as the "knowledge of that which is most beautiful” or "the science of being", going beyond the physical body to become awakened to the more subtle forces within, the self becomes part of the greater universe. Through Tantra Yoga one is said to be able to ultimately reach a state of eternal bliss, remembering and tasting that which we really are...whole, complete, and fulfilled. 

Malaika is passionate about many things, but mostly the ancient science and art of Yoga Nidra. To her Yoga Nidra practice and the state of Yoga Nidra is the most potent form of healing and fulfillment of them all.  Her dedicated practice to Yoga Nidra stared over 10 years ago and leads powerful Yoga Nidra workshops continuously and has recently created the Awakening the Soul- Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Apprenticeship program to train others in this incredibly impactful offering. 

Malaika is a trauma informed teacher and has been drawn to help others heal and find peace, as her own life journey and exploration to heal and find peace within and around, started at a very young age. She believes everyone deserves to feel good and to find liberation within by understanding, recognizing, and responding to the effects of all types of trauma and how yoga and movement can help gain clarity, understanding and most of all empowerment.

She enjoys working with communities, of all ages, inspiring others into their best selves. She is a community partner, and consultant with other yoga communities globally, helping to fine tune their vision and creates collaborative partnerships with other teachers and studios involving yoga retreats, teacher trainings and events throughout the world.

She and her beloved Yellow Lab "Teddy" - whom is a certified Therapy Dog of Vermont, like to volunteer in their free time unleashing smiles to folks in need of personal visits.

Through her classes, workshops and trainings she loves to share in the gifts of yoga to others for thriving in the world and cultivating joy and gratitude within themselves.  She enjoys working with different teachers and in different environments to help others to find their yoga and what this means to everyone individually as there are many truths. 

This is her lives work and it never stops evolving.

Malaika holds a BSW- of Social Work from the University of Vermont, and has worked with children and families professionally and as a volunteer. She holds certifications in the Tantric Tradition of Hatha Yoga, Yoga Nidra, IASH Certified Sound Healer with Tibetan Singing Bowls, TRX-Suspension Training, Aerial Yoga, H2OM (SUP Yoga), Barre Intensity, Cardio Kickboxing, is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and Biomechanics Method- Corrective Exercise Specialist. 

Malaika has recently created "Mind. Body. Joy- a Traveling Yoga School Connecting the World"   Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga School, RYS® 200 . Learn More! about  our upcoming programs!


Malaika is a Lululemon Legacy Ambassador and teaches at Wanderlust Festivals.

" It is necessary to go along way, through many difficulties, to find a place one had never left."

 - TS Elliot

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