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"Malaika is an amazingly gifted yoga instructor.  I've been practicing yoga for over 20 years, and have not met a better teacher!  Her deep knowledge of yogic traditions is equally matched by her creativity and sense of fun.  My body always feels awakened and healed after a class with her; all my little aches are soothed, and all my tight spots feel fluid again.  She is brilliant at safely guiding beginners, or folks with limitations/injuries, and equally adept at working with athletes or serious yogis looking to deepen their practice.  She's so good at working with others because she is a deeply intelligent and intuitive communicator; she gives articulate and clear verbal cues, at just the right moments, to help your body better align and release into the postures.  Malaika is also a warm generous soul, who just radiates enthusiasm and acceptance.  I would recommend her to anyone looking to explore the boundless health benefits of yoga - she is a treasure!"  - Kirsten DeLuca, Massage Therapist,

"Malaika has vast knowledge of her craft and she draws upon it to design the most beneficial experience for those she works with. Comfortable in all fitness settings with those of any age or ability, she shares her gifts with compassion and is open about her own path toward better health. She is well known for her community service. Sharing yoga with Malaika is at once peaceful and vitalizing."

"Malaika has been a spiritual part of my life for over 7 years now. She has impacted me with her journey as a yoga teacher by inspiring me to open physically and supporting  my understanding of a spirited layer swirling in our universe. Her open communication after a class around deepening and understanding poses to her ability to craft a class with a focus that's applicable to all and reflective for all is not only talent, but intuitive. There have been many moments during a class or in final meditation where I've been brought to joyful tears. Her words objectively strike a chord of empowerment and healing. I appreciate her diligence to use texts and written word that is filled with a love for pure, human and worldly beauty. She embodies grace, dedication, and truly aligned spiritual energy."

"I have been living in a new city without my regular attendance at Malaika's classes. Upon returning to Burlington, Malaika greeted me with light, love, and genuine excitement to have me back in her class. Her adjustments are always spot on! Her tone, flowing narrative, and instruction of breath and adjustments is perfectly cued and non-abrasive. She even rolled out a mat and block for me knowing I was running late! I immediately felt at home and welcomed!"

Dave, Burlington VT

Meghan, Denver CO

Kirsten, Burlington VT

Bill, Burlington VT

"Malaika is a fabulous and inspirational instructor. These tracks on her Yoga Nidra CD are soothing to soul and I highly recommend them.  I too, am fortunate to be able to attend her classes. She is vibrant and energetic and its always uplifting start to my day." 

Bek, Owner of Yes2Health, New South Wales, Australia

"Malaika conducted the Freshman Flow Fundermentals Yoga 5 week work shop at my Premises. I am a naturopath and we place a huge importance on the mind/body and spirit and holistic health.

It was such a pleasure to have Malaika teach at this workshop. Not only was she professional and extremely knowledgable, but the way she engaged with the students and captured our attention and held it was incredible and refreshing. She has a glow or a vibe, something thats hard to put into words, maybe its just genuine happiness that can be seen by all and is contagious. We laughed and had so much fun at this course all while understanding the importance of breath and posture with every day life and during yoga. 

I would not hesitate to recommend Malaika and her services as she was just amazing and next time she is back in Australia we would love to have her at our clinic again."

Morgan, HI

Leah, Providence RI

"Like most people I have a lot of stress due to every day life, but after I take a yoga indra class with Malaika I feel like a weight has been lifted off of me. The last class I took with her she added an element of Tibetan singing bowls while in yoga nidra. Throughout the class I could feel the vibrations of the bowls radiating throughout my body and came out of the practice with a sense of calm and peacefulness. The sensation of the class lasted all day. I would definitely take more classes like that and highly recommend it!" 

"An Incredibly gifted woman is sharing her very valued skills for free on the inter webs!? Check out some of the most soothing and happy additions to your day! I’d love to keep her a secret but I think she actually can help people and has brought so much authentic happiness into my life I’d be a monster if I didn’t spread the word. So you’re welcome world for my willingness to share this beauty. Thank you Malaika for existing and all that you do! Subscribe to her channel for updates on uploads, you don’t want to miss out!"- Morgans Facebook post 11/7/18

Suzanne, Burlington VT

"As a night nurse, my circadian rhythm is not ordinary. I find that I never feel fully rested. Malaika’s Yoga Nidra has helped overcome that feeling. Her guided meditation helps focus on the present and let go of external distractions. Her voice helps me contain my thoughts, come into the body and relax the mind. When I come out of yoga Nidra, I feel a sense of euphoria mixed with energy--feeling as though I had just taken a nap. This practice helps me tremendously, not only at work but in everyday life. I am so grateful for this and for Malaika's mindful teaching techniques."

"Malaika’s strong dedication to and passion for yoga is apparent in each class that she teaches. She is a positive and compassionate instructor who works diligently to meet all of her student’s needs. As a beginner yoga student, Malaika has been an inspiration to my practice and has consistently encouraged me to want to progress. I am so grateful that Malaika was able to come to UVM’s Health and Wellness Residential Learning Community and help ignite my interest in yoga. As a busy student, I have found that Malaika’s yoga Nidra relaxation CD is a perfect way to de-stress in a short amount of time. If you are looking for a rejuvenating yoga experience, I would highly recommend taking a class with Malaika!" 

Laura, Burlington VT

"After 2011 I  joined Malaika's classes for years which improved my health tremendously. I can attest that she is one of the best yoga instructors I've encountered. Malaika is spiritually authentic; her practice is a personal goal filled with passion to serve others. She instilled and inspired discipline in my own meditative practice.

She is genuine, kind and humble. Malaika is not only knowledgeable in the practice of yoga but has lived experience in Indian culture. This holistic approach is hard to find in remote areas; her practice is not disconnected as most westernized yoga classes are these days. Her yoga Nidra cd on iTunes is definitely beneficial. I play it daily, Malaikas yoga nidra is the only reliable practice I have found so far." 

She is one of those rare magnetic people that instantly radiates love. I am honored to have met her, as she is relatable to everyone and gives back to her community. 


From miles away, she always is remembered." 

"Today I went to my first Yoga foundations workshop with Malaika. We focused on breath and mountain pose, building a strong foundation and weaving it all together. It was incredible and I can't wait to go back to SoulShine Power Yoga next weekend." 

GT- Los Angeles

Emily, Burlington VT

Josie, Underhill VT

"Vermont is so lucky to have Malaika as a yoga teacher.  I feel extremely blessed when I leave her class.  Malaika blends warmth and charisma with an incredible knowledge of yogic practice.  She truly leads class in a masterful and soulful way.  Malaika is always learning, she is a trainer of yoga teachers, and she shares her ever-growing knowledge with us in accessible and nurturing way.  Hurry to one of Malaika's classes or retreats.  She is the best!"


Poorna, Burlington VT

"As a person of Indian descent, I've done yoga in many forms throughout my life - with my parents in our family room to boutique studios in downtown Boston. It wasn't until I experienced one of Malaika's classes that I fully understood why I choose to practice yoga. Not only have I experienced physical changes in flexibility and strength but I have grown emotionally. Malaika takes the time to connect with her students and her soft tone and encouragement put you at ease. I am thankful to have found Malaika and look forward to continuing my practice with her guidance."

Christina, Burlington VT

"Malaika is an exceptional yoga teacher and human being. I've regularly attended her classes for the past year or so, and had the opportunity to learn anatomy from her in a yoga teacher training setting. (I'm eager to join her for a retreat someday, too!) From super relaxing Yoga Nidra and restorative classes to more vigorous and advanced flows, Malaika offers such diverse expertise. She really does it all. Her teaching style offers variety, creativity, and lightheartedness, while getting to the deeper layers of self. I cannot recommend Malaika enough!"

Aly, Burlington VT

"Malaika works pure magic in her classes! Every time I leave any one of her classes or workshops, I feel not only amazing, but lighter and free. She has this beautiful way about her and creates endless opportunities to shift your perspective both on and off the mat. She is an inspiration as a yoga teacher and human being; and the energy/time she puts into her classes, workshops, retreats, and life work is clear. She has been a favorite teacher of mine since I moved to Vermont 10 years ago and discovered her at a Burlington studio. I don’t get to as many classes as I would like, but am so grateful and full of joy any time I do. Vermont is beyond lucky to have her <3"

Nicci, Burlington VT

“I’ve been teaching yoga for a few years and am always looking for ways to enrich my understanding of anatomy. A hands-on, weekend yoga anatomy workshop with Malaika has been the most helpful—and fun!—training on this topic.” 

Laura, Burlington VT

"I have taken several of malaika‘s yoga classes and have always found the experience to be one of profound inner growth.  Malaika has the natural ability of leading a class in a way that directs the students to become more aware and in tune with their inner subtle energy.  I always leave Malaika‘s class feeling a deeper connection with my energy and the energies of others in the class.  Her pearls of yogi wisdom throughout class are always inspirational!"

Mary Lou, Colchester VT

"Malaika showed so much compassion, humor and expertise in dealing with a person having Alzheimer’s, that person being my mom. Might I add the convenience of having her come to our home. Greatly appreciated her time..working with her and myself also!!"

Kara, Shelburne VT

"I had the amazing experience of private lessons with Malaika to help me understand the impact and benefit yoga can have in my life. She is an extremely talented and
patient instructor and I left each lesson feeling more relaxed and connected to myself. She asked me what my needs were and tailored the instructions to me. I feel as though she has launched me into a new phase in my life that will definitely include yoga."

Letta, United Kingdom

"As a person…I took my yoga teacher 200 hr teacher training back in 2016 in Bali. It was quite a momentous step for me as I left my 5 kids to make this spiritual and physical journey and hadn’t realised until I was there how much I would yearn for my kids. Suffice to say, Malaika was like an angel, fallen out of the sky, lovely, kind and a bundle of goodness. She helped me more than I can put into words to traverse that period of time. Her goodness, grace and dignity emanates from her every cell and darling souls such as her, are rare to find. If she’s in your life…then you’re lucky!!


As for yoga prowess…well, Malaika is amazing. Her style of teaching is gentle, kind and fun. She makes the hard stuff a pleasure! And of course you can see her tenacity, spirit and soul just by watching her practice, this is a thing of awesome beauty…And of all the many yoga teachers I’ve experienced Malaika is by far not only the loveliest but also the truest. 


On yoga as a culture…Malaika takes any of that ego s*** out of it. In a world where many are busy strutting their yoga stuff and replacing spirituality and love with arrogance and greed, Malaika is one of the few who shows up just as she is. So we can show up just as we are…what a blessing…xxxxx


My one negative? That I don’t live nearer so that I can go to her classes and hang out with her and her gorgeous dog!"

Ethan, Burlington VT

"I have worked with Malaika for several years now. I find myself continuously drawn to her yoga classes, because of the wonderful reflective energy she brings to them. I think the key to what makes her such a wonderful yoga teacher is that she approaches her work from a place of deep embodiment. I have always gotten the sense that Malaika takes having her own practice very seriously, and she really teaches with her own practiced knowledge of what is needed."

Madison, Burlington VT

"Malaika has been one of the most influential people on my yoga journey as she is the reason I decided to take part in a yoga teacher training. I was introduced to her by my father who met Malaika while taking her classes and exploring the healing powers of yoga after a family tragedy. He always spoke so highly of her gifts as a yoga teacher, noting that stood out from other teachers in her ability to connect the spiritual, mental, and emotional aspects of the practice just as seamlessly as the postures themselves.


Meeting Malaika when I did was divine intervention, or whatever you would like to call it, and I immediately confirmed my application for a teacher training in Bali that she would be leading and assisting.


My teacher training journey was powerful and raw, encouraging and sometimes forcing me to face many things I had packed away. Malaika was there to guide me through it all. Her presence was so much more than that of a yoga teacher. She truly embodies the meaning of yoga, which goes so much deeper than the asana. Yes, she taught anatomy and posture workshops as well as delved into the history and philosophy of this beautiful practice (she has such a wealth of knowledge in all of these areas!), but most importantly Malaika taught me how to breathe. It is her deep understanding of the power of breath that sets her a part from many teachers whose classes I have taken. It allows her to lead a class of beginners to those who have been practicing for years, and everyone in between, in a way that is meaningful for everyone involved.


Throughout life, I have learned that what makes an amazing teacher or leader is one’s ability to challenge their students without defeating them. Malaika does exactly this. Whether you are joining her in a teacher training, a workshop, taking a yoga class, or following along on her YouTube channel, you will experience the guidance of an amazing teacher and the warmth of an incredible human."

_Verily, this entire world is the Absolu

Tanya, Sydney AUS

"Malaika is an amazing teacher!!! I attended two of her classes in Australia at Yoga Bare and loved every moment. She calmed my mind and heart with her hypnotic voice and asana sequences."

Stephen, Burlington VT

"Having taken classes with Malaika for the past 4 years I can say she is one of the best teachers I have come across in my 20 years of doing yoga.  Whether it be her restorative or higher energy flow classes, her instruction and knowledge are amazing.  She keeps the entire class moving while also providing great individual feedback to improve your form and understanding.  As a bonus, she always has gerat music to accompany her instruction.  You won't regret taking her class."

Peter, St. Albans, VT 54

"Malaika’s energy and enthusiasm were instrumental in motivating me to work hard to achieve my fitness goals. Her outlook on life also inspired me to be thankful for what I have and to take time to enjoy life"

Becky, VT

"I’ve been practicing yoga for over 25 years and have had many wonderful teachers in Burlington. When I took my first class with Malaika about 5 years ago, I knew she was extra special. I felt immediately at ease in her presence. She radiated a welcoming acceptance and authenticity. I met her during a time in my life when I needed a slower, gentler yoga practice and I found that in Malaika’s candlelight flow classes. They became the highlight of my week.

When Malaika began offering Yoga Nidra classes I became an enthusiastic participant. From the first class, I was hooked. The practice, with Malaika as the guide, has been extremely nurturing and healing for me. I purchased both of Malaika’s Yoga Nidra recordings and use them often. I’ve shared them with friends and family who have also found them beneficial to their health and wellbeing. 

Last winter when I broke my wrist and was in the hospital in a lot of pain, the first thing I thought of that would bring me relief was Malaika’s Yoga Nidra recording! As soon as I heard her voice I started to relax and my pain lessened. I could feel her presence through her voice.

Malaika is one of the most genuinely kind and loving people I know. She is a highly skilled and knowledgeable yoga teacher who is always seeking to learn and grow in her practice. There is no pretense with Malaika. She is down to earth and genuine, with a ready smile and great sense of humor. I feel very lucky that Malaika came into my life. She is a truly wonderful teacher and friend!"

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Eben Duval, VT

"Over the past eighteen months I have enjoyed attending Malaika’s vinyasa class, and found her instruction to be educational, challenging, and playful.  Malaika creatively designs the posture sequences in response to requests or even the weather; always a new flow that never feels repetitive or predictable. Highly recommended."


Haley, CT

"Many yoga teachers are capable of creating an uplifting, integrative and enriching class experience. Malaika is different; her classes are all this and more.


Never before have I met a teacher that can so deeply connect with students, mind and body, so immediately and effectively. What strikes me most profoundly about her open-minded, creative approach is her ability to connect you much more deeply with your own body.

Without exaggeration, Malaika has the best ability out of any teacher I have ever met to attentively and instantly assist and adjust a student’s postural practice in a way that is engaging and illuminative. She helps you uncover how yoga is supposed to feel, and that feeling is irreplaceable.


With Malaika’s class, you’ll discover newfound strength, release tension, bring space, find connection, have fun, and unleash the positively radiant spirit we all share. "

🙏Thank you _laughingriveryoga_Thankful

"Malaika is a brilliant teacher. She has the ability to create a warm and safe place for her students to learn. Her inner fire burns bright, and she imparts so much joy and enthusiasm for the subject matter she is teaching. I had the good fortune to attend an anatomy workshop that Malaika taught as part of my yoga teacher training. Not only did she share the information  in a way that was accessible for those of us in the class who had little prior knowledge of anatomy, but she made it fun. I highly recommend taking any classes you can with Malaika. She is a gifted teacher!"

Michelle, VT

Daren, Key West

 "I could not praise Malaika more for her skills in whipping me into shape. After two kids (and several more pregnancies), my abdominals were nowhere to be found and Malaika's tone and sculpt classes helped me so much. Not only is her emphasis on form spot on, but the classes push you hard enough (in an almost hidden way) that you get results so fast. My daughter, after 6 weeks of working with Malaika, touched my stomach one day and said "wow, what are those??!" - thank you M for helping me feel strong and healthy again!

 I absolutely love that Malaika's background is so diverse, so she incorporates other forms of exercise into each fitness class - I loved having some elements of yoga and pilates in tone and sculpt, and some nice deep stretches when they were necessary."


"I took Malaika's recovery class, following a half marathon I ran the day was amazing! She helped guide the class through stretching exercises that targeted muscles and joints that were most in need. She is a great teacher, with a calming and welcoming manner. I will be back!"

Julie, Vermont

Sara, Vermont

"Malaika's Tone N' Sculpt classes are so dynamic and fun you often don't realize how hard you've worked until the next day! Highly Recommend!"

"Malaika's Tone N' Sculpt class is the perfect combination of strength exercises that gets my heart rate up while having fun! From strengthening small muscle groups to full body weight exercises, I've discovered muscles that I didn't even know I had! I appreciate Malaika's continued focus on form and variety of exercises incorporated in each workout. Can't say enough wonderful things about Malaika and her classes!"

Kaitlin, Vermont


Shawn, Key West, FL

" Never understood the true benefits of Yoga until Natasha introduced me. Breathing, centering, and intention aren't a focus on most videos.

Once I began to focus on my breath and my body, the benefits of a session increased tenfold.

Truly, a good yoga class makes my entire day better.

Thank you for being such a cool and dynamic teacher Malaika!"


Tanya, Vermont

"Malaika is a treasure. She’s someone who expands what we have in our lives - a grounded, optimistic, funny, experienced friend. I also appreciate that she has tactical advice. Actual and sometimes quick practices we can incorporate into our lives. Highly recommended!"

Mary, Vermont

"As a new yoga teacher, I feel much more equipped in planning intentional sequences and finding joy in the process. As a student, I feel more connected to my purpose and "why" of yoga. The content and practices we experienced as a group were transformational. I wish the weekend was longer!"- Vinyasa Karma Immersion YTT

Raquel, Vermont

"Malaika not only has deep holistic knowledge of yoga and the body--both physical and energetic-- but also genuine warmth, openness, passion and charisma that make her a fantastic teacher. She listens, asks great questions, maintains a sense of humor and flexibility, and uses an experiential approach to help her students apply what they are learning. The content is so broad and deep that 10 hours feels only like an introduction, however I still took away very impactful pieces I can already start to apply as a beginning yoga teacher. I also leave with the inspiration to deepen my learning of vinyasa krama, both for my own practice as well as my future teaching". - Vinyasa Krama Immersion YTT

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