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 Perfect when you need a little YOU time! If you can't get to a studio or you are traveling, for example. I hope that you enjoy these practices, especially the scenery!


My hope is that wherever you are you can find peace with a little guidance during your home shadana (practice).



to view more visit my Youtube channel here

10 Minutes video for Cyclists here


INNER PEACE-Guided Yoga Nidra with Malaika was produced by and from YOUR requests! Can't make a class?! Enjoy yoga nidra with me anytime! Make sure to not be driving though!! :) no...seriously...make sure this is practiced as sacred time for YOU. With as little distraction as possible. Stick with the same Sankalpa (resolve/positive, present statement) each time you practice until it manifests in your life. The practice of Yoga Nidra is deep and profound, yet simple and easy to do and follow. All that is required is that you lay down or sit in a chair and follow my voice as you are guided.


May you enjoy the many peaceful journeys ahead .....ommm

Free Bedtime Calm Audio Track

Bedtime Calm Malaika
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"Her yoga Nidra cd on iTunes is definitely beneficial. I play it daily, Malaikas yoga nidra is the only reliable practice I have found so far." 

GT- Los Angelas

"Malaika is a fabulous and inspirational instructor. These tracks on her Yoga Nidra CD are soothing to soul and I highly recommend them."

-Bill, Burlington VT

"As a night nurse, my circadian rhythm is not ordinary. I find that I never feel fully rested. Malaika’s Yoga Nidra has helped overcome that feeling."

Suzanne, CO

I have found that Malaika’s yoga Nidra relaxation CD is a perfect way to de-stress in a short amount of time. If you are looking for a rejuvenating yoga experience, I would highly recommend taking a class with Malaika!" 

Laura, Burlington, VT

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