Krissy Leonard

Holistic Nutrition + Business Coach
Burlington, VT

"Working with Malaika was nothing short of life-changing!


I originally reached out to her because I was suffering from low energy recovering from burn out and was feeling really stuck and frustrated with my health. As a coach myself I know how important it is to have accountability and an outside perspective on how to create a change that’s felt hard to accomplish on your own.


I had no idea though how working with Malaika would change EVERYTHING for me!


Since starting our work together just a few months ago I’ve lost 23 lbs, restored my energy + MASSIVELY amplified it, significantly improved my sleep, since lost multiple inches on my body and improve my overall health strength and fitness, learned how to manage stress much more effectively, saw my skin clear up and GLOW, and even had some other crazy magical things happen like a pre-cancerous spot completely clear up and found that my relationships deepened and improved!


The most incredible thing about working with Malaika is how she leads together the energetic and the physical to create breakthroughs in every area of your fitness, mindset, and life... plus she is so much FUN!!


Through this whole process I never felt like it was 'work', and that was worth its weight in GOLD!"

Krissy is a 30-Day ULT participant and long term one-on-one wholeness coaching client.

"I had a great experience participating in the 30 Day ULT cleanse with Malaika!

After months of developing some not-so-great habits during the pandemic, it was so helpful to have a structured plan that helped me reset and establish some new, healthier practices.


I appreciated how Malaika and her team emphasized the importance for all of us to listen to our bodies and made us feel comfortable in tailoring the cleanse to meet those needs.


The cleanse has left me feeling nourished and moving forward I will have a much easier time moderating my consumption of things like caffeine, carby snacks, and alcohol.


I picked up some great plant-based recipes along the way, too, that will definitely stay in my weekly repertoire!"

Peggy Rost

Clinical Social Work Student
Portland, OR

"I had tried to lose those "few extra pounds" for months, but my habits were derailing my efforts.


I needed something with structure; something to follow that led me through my day easily and sustainably.


The program that Malaika suggested was easy to follow from a maintainability standpoint, and her weekly Zoom check-in with the group was a great form of support in hearing others' success stories as well as challenges.


After losing 14 pounds in a month, and armed with new habits and resolve, I am so happy I made the choice to follow Malaika's lead!"

Daren Cassani

Small Business Entrepreneur
South Burlington, VT
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