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30 Day- ULT Testimonials


Krissy Leonard

Holistic Nutrition + Business Coach
Burlington, VT

"Working with Malaika was nothing short of life-changing!


I originally reached out to her because I was suffering from low energy recovering from burn out and was feeling really stuck and frustrated with my health. As a coach myself I know how important it is to have accountability and an outside perspective on how to create a change that’s felt hard to accomplish on your own.


I had no idea though how working with Malaika would change EVERYTHING for me!


Since starting our work together just a few months ago I’ve lost 23 lbs, restored my energy + MASSIVELY amplified it, significantly improved my sleep, since lost multiple inches on my body and improve my overall health strength and fitness, learned how to manage stress much more effectively, saw my skin clear up and GLOW, and even had some other crazy magical things happen like a pre-cancerous spot completely clear up and found that my relationships deepened and improved!


The most incredible thing about working with Malaika is how she leads together the energetic and the physical to create breakthroughs in every area of your fitness, mindset, and life... plus she is so much FUN!!


Through this whole process I never felt like it was 'work', and that was worth its weight in GOLD!"

Krissy is a 30-Day ULT participant and long term one-on-one wholeness coaching client.

"I had a great experience participating in the 30 Day ULT cleanse with Malaika!

After months of developing some not-so-great habits during the pandemic, it was so helpful to have a structured plan that helped me reset and establish some new, healthier practices.


I appreciated how Malaika and her team emphasized the importance for all of us to listen to our bodies and made us feel comfortable in tailoring the cleanse to meet those needs.


The cleanse has left me feeling nourished and moving forward I will have a much easier time moderating my consumption of things like caffeine, carby snacks, and alcohol.


I picked up some great plant-based recipes along the way, too, that will definitely stay in my weekly repertoire!"

Peggy Rost

Clinical Social Work Student
Portland, OR

"I had tried to lose those "few extra pounds" for months, but my habits were derailing my efforts.


I needed something with structure; something to follow that led me through my day easily and sustainably.


The program that Malaika suggested was easy to follow from a maintainability standpoint, and her weekly Zoom check-in with the group was a great form of support in hearing others' success stories as well as challenges.


After losing 14 pounds in a month, and armed with new habits and resolve, I am so happy I made the choice to follow Malaika's lead!"

Daren Cassani

Small Business Entrepreneur
South Burlington, VT

"Before participating in the Purium Ultimate Lifestyle 30-Day Transformation I had only completed a handful of 5-day juice cleanses. I would lose weight but immediately gain it back shortly after completion. I was weary that the Purium 30-Day Transformation would be similar to past experiences I had with juice based programs and I was thinking that this program wouldn’t work for me. 


Over the last year or so my journey of being a better version of myself has three major milestones… The Purium Ultimate Lifestyle 30-Day Transformation combined with Malaika’s coaching was the biggest reason for my success in achieving goals that I had at one point considered unobtainable.


ONE. I stopped eating red meat & poultry in November 2019 because I hit a weight that I was uncomfortable with personally, I didn’t like the person looking back at me in the mirror.


TWO. I purchased an Apple Watch in July 2020 and started tracking my running 5-6 days a week in conjunction with 1-2 days a week working out. Between July 2020-October 1, 2020. I lost 20 pounds but hit a roadblock to lose additional weight. I was stuck.


THREE. In October 2020, I participated in the Purium Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation with  encouragement from Malaika and some friends in the neighborhood. Having neighbors/friends/ and/or family doing the program together helped a lot because we could discuss the highs & lows, share new recipes ideas, overcome challenges, and hold each other accountable for success! 


The first three days of the Purium Transformation were the toughest for me as I stopped coffee, alcohol, heavy dairy products, and junk foods. The coffee headaches were the worst but I knew it was my body detoxifying. Overall it was really quite fun doing the cleanse with a community of friends and seeing the success we were all achieving!! I lost an additional 20 pounds in this 30-day period much to my amazement!

The guidance, nutritional coaching, and encouragement that Malaika provided was a key piece in my success. She would quickly answer any questions, share material for success in email/text/and in the private Facebook group, she helped everyone rethink what the right foods are to eat, how to relax with meditation, and how to live a healthier lifestyle."


SUMMARY: As I look into the future, I continue to draw a lot of inspiration from the Purium 30-Day Transformation that was so successful for me. It’s been 3 months since completing the program and I have been able to maintain my weight from the last day of the cleanse.  I’m down over 45 pounds since this journey started! I’m continuing to make better choices on what nutrients I put into my body. I’m eating meals with healthier ingredients (proteins, carbs, fresh veggies/fruits, & healthy fats). Now I crave foods that are less processed and quick to make and much better than the takeout that I used to eat regularly. I’m working harder on portion control and coming up with long term exercise routines that are maintainable in the long term! 


Nick Stryker

Small Business Manager
South Burlington, VT

Jessica Jennings

Burlington, VT

"My journey with Malaika started this past fall when my sister- in -law told me of this great person that she was working with.  Like everyone else in 2020, I had my ups and downs. I spent the first part of my year working really hard on myself, eating healthy, working out, hiking and enjoying the outdoors in relation to all of the Covid restrictions.  September came along and my little sister lost her battle with cancer.  I struggled terribly.  October rolled around and I lost my Aunt.  At this point and time, the exercising had stopped, I was stress eating, and I spent most of my waking hours at work.  


I had done Yoga Nidra once with Malaika in the studio , and when we started to work on it this fall on an individual basis it was a life saver for me.  I was finding some balance in my life again.  January Transformation came along ,I signed up looking for that January reset to healthy eating.  My expectation was that I was going to lose weight (and I did…16 lbs) however I never expected to feel as amazing as I do now.  The 30 Day Transformation left me so full of energy. My nights were restful, my mind was clear, and I was finding joy in life again. I actually found myself singing and dancing in the kitchen while I was creating all of the receipes everyone shared.   My body felt nourished and healthy. 


I love the support from Malaika and the journey that I am on.  I have continued with the Purium Core 4 products, and have not returned to eating meat, sugar, or drinking coffee.  I’m signed up and ready for the Spring Transformation <3"


Deb Caulo

Burlington, VT

"For me it was fun to be creative with the limited food choices. Knowing that I could use any spice, herb or olive oils gave me many flavors. My secret ingredient is smoked paprika.  I adapted many of Wendy’s recipes  from the booklet we were given, to meet my own needs, and my husbands. It was not that difficult to do if you know your way around the kitchen.  All I really had to do was take care of myself, and that I did.


I do not miss coffee,  I do not miss my egg every morning but I imagine that will get back in the picture. I do not miss dairy (well kind of) but that was one of the hardest habits for me to change. I decided I would put cheese back but only if it was already on something (like a pizza!). I do love cottage cheese and whole milk yoghurt but can live without. I missed wine but it felt great to be without it and not crave it so much. I do not miss meat at all. I will still eat a burger when I want, if I want. I likely will have fish again. Another bonus, my sleep has noticeably improved and I feel I get more rest at night.


I got totally into teas and even bought an electric kettle..that was a game changer for me. I may very likely revisit this in April!  I have lost 7-8 lbs and now that clothing feels better I would like to keep it off. But as Daren said on a zoom info session call, if you go at it without the intention of losing weight you take that pressure off. Which was part of my intention but I did weigh myself every morning and watched the weight go away.

I would never have done this without Malaika's support and having her by my side.  Thank you Malaika for your cheerleading and encouragement and keeping the ball rolling. I loved her check in’s."

"Shift is an understatement haha - I have definitely had some ups and downs- but the good far out weighs the bad that is for sure, I appreciate all her content and am following lots of what she is doing, it is very motivating and inspiring.


I do not know when I have been more true myself - the January cleanse opened me up .


So Thankful Adam shared this with me and our paths crossed."


Tina Benoit

Burlington, VT

Marissa Carswell

Burlington, VT

"Tomorrow is my final day of the 30 Day Superfood Transformation April Reset with the lovely and a wonderful group of people who were also on this journey.


I was stuck in a lot of unhealthy food habits after having Jonah (and as you can see I enjoyed a good amount of ice cream while pregnant, too!). I used pregnancy and the pandemic as justification to indulge in all the “good” things (that make me feel bad) for over a year and was feeling super discouraged and frustrated with myself.


Malaika’s always been a favorite yoga instructor of mine and is such a bright light, so when I saw she was leading the April Reset, I inquired and am so glad I did. She has been supportive and helpful the entire month and I am feeling so much better!


My favorite changes over the past 29 days have been: increased energy (even though I gave up caffeine this month!), increased water intake (I have always been terrible about drinking water), a new love for vegetables and a willingness to go to the grocery store regularly for fresh produce, the willingness to think about meals and plan ahead of time, and of course I have enjoyed the weight loss.


Thank you for being an inspiration, Malaika!"

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