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Guest Teaching at your Studio

Topics include:

Anatomy of Yoga 12hrs

Posture Labs 12 hrs

The History of Yoga 6 hrs

Vinyasa Krama: The Art of Intelligent Sequencing 12hrs

The Chakras: Subtle Anatomy 6 hrs

Intro to Pranayama 4hrs. 

Intro to Meditation 4hrs. 

Restorative Yoga 6hrs

Ayurveda: Science of Life 4hrs

Intro. to Yoga Nidra 6 hrs

The Business of Yoga 3 hrs


These are topics can be modified and are not limited to what is listed. What can best suit the needs of your studio and students is my intention

I bring an approachable, digestable, and fun approach to yoga teacher training topics, as we  explore ancient tradition and its use today in our modern world to live our greatest life.

Assisting your students in deepening their connection to themselves and to lead in confidence.

Teaching how and when to safely move dee
I am honored to be able to share with ot
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