Private Sessions

Malaika is a certified sound healer and is accredited through the International Academy of Sound Healing

Offerings: Weekdays after 4pm and Weekends anytime.

Location: 160 Flynn Avenue, Burlington,Vermont USA


*Also offering in home or studio location

contact me directly to inquire

Health Benefits of Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Therapy include:

Provides relief from: Chronic pain, arthritis, headaches, poor circulation, sciatica, neck and pack pain, stress, anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure, sports injuries, scar tissue, depression, grieving, ptsd, add/adhd

Increases: Relaxation, clarity, peacefulness, range of motion, healing of bones, freeing of stuck energies, opening chakras, calming the mind, awakening the body

Sound Healing




 Yoga Nidra

Private Instruction is a great way to learn proper alignment, healthy movement patterns and function, and knowing what practices are best for morning and nighttime to create the best balance in your life.

 It is also a great way to learn more about yourself and specific limitations and modifications that you may need based on your previous injuries/recoveries and overall lifestyle.

Personal Training

Let's go way beyond " just a workout"!

I can help you design a  fitness program that best suits your needs and lifestyle for your optimum health and wellness. 

Working out and creating a healthy lifestyle is FUN! 

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