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 October 13-15th, 2017

at the Lotus Lodge, Bolton Vermont

join us for a weekend retreat to reconnect with all layers of your authentic self.


Guided am. and pm. yoga classes 


Yoga nidra


organic and deliscoius meals

soothing sound baths


and much more


NEXT OFFERING SEPT/OCT 2017! Stay tuned!

with Malaika DosRemedios
April 18- May 16, 2017
Tuesdays, 7:30 -8:45 pm
5 week series for $60/unlimited/10 class card/ drop-in for $15
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Join Malaika for deep relaxation and rejuvenation as together, we move into spring with ease and grace. This series will include gentle movement, long held restorative poses, self-massage, aromatherapy and a journey into the ancient practice of Yoga Nidra.  Each class includes the sounds of Tibetan Singing bowls, adding a deep layer of relaxation through sound therapy. All are welcome.

Malaika is an international yoga teacher and is a frequent visitor to the Burlington VT area as a community partner, offering workshops, specialty classes, and trainings when she is in town.


12 Spots only for this incredible trip!

Join on an adventure of a lifetime




Your guides:

Malaika DosRemedios and Dave Kestenbaum


Malaika DosRemedios, BSW- Bachelors of Social Work from the University of Vermont, USA ERYT-500 International Yoga Instructor- has been leading and guiding others on their yogic path since 2009 all over the globe. When Malaika is off the mat, she is in the world living life with great passion and to the fullest. She enjoys cooking and spending time with loved ones, being in nature, hiking and talking to people. 


Dave Kestenbaum

Dave is a specialist working in the field of sustainable development. He has been working with communities on Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula since 1998.  As an Instructor at  the University of Vermont he has been designing and leading field courses focusing on ecotourism, international development and conservation since the year 2000, including 28 on Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula. When he is not leading groups abroad he can be found cracking jokes, hiking,  biking, running, seeing live music or working as the Director of UVM’s Certification for Sustainable Transportation program. Whether working with individuals, communities or multinational corporations Dave brings his passion for people, conservation, and holistic thinking to every project.

​                             Sample Itinerary

  1. Dec-26: Meet in San Jose (Escazu or Heredia) ..Evening Yoga and Dinner

  2. Dec-27: Travel down Pacific Coast to Osa Peninsula (lodging Guadelupe). Morning Yoga, Travel, Beach time with Optional Yoga, Arrive for Dinner on the Osa

  3. Dec-28: Visit to and tour of Chocolate farm/permaculture farm, optional zip line tour, paddleboard, kayak, Yoga

  4. Dec-29 - Yoga, daytime homestay, Boat tour of Golfo Dulce, Shoreline Dinner

  5. Dec-30: boat trip to Sirena biological Station. Overnight at Station (prepared meals, bunk beds with mosquito nets on open platform)

  6. Dec.31: Hike from Sirena to Carate 11.7 miles. (overnight in Carate..most likely luxury tent camp)

  7. Jan 1: Relax, Relax, Relax. Guest speaker, Relax

  8. Jan 2: Travel back to san jose (potential w/ beach stops along the way)

  9. Jan 3: Return home

Malaika and Dave - We are teaming up! - Costa Rica Trip/Retreat! - December 26, 2017 - January 4th, 2017. A few year’s ago, we started talking about putting together a different kind of Yoga retreat. Combining yoga and hiking, yoga and community service, and even yoga and sustainability education. We came up with something that combines all of these ideas:). Right now we are putting out the feelers, to see if folks if folks are interested? If it you are, just send one of us a note in the next few weeks:).  


Our home based for this trip will be Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula. The trip will  start at a locally owned and operated boutique hotel/ eco-lodge. We will spend time exploring the Golfo Dulce (one of only five tropical Fjords in the world), visit a chocolate/permaculture farm, meet with community members, conservation organizations and development organizations. We will then spend 2 days/1 night exploring Corcovado National Park, one of the most biologically intense places on the planet. And wrap up the trip with an 11 mile hike out of the park, two nights at a boutique hotel/eco-lodge and a trip back to San Jose.  - Great Food - Yoga 2-3 times a day- Beaches, Rainforest, and the opportunity to get to know the people and land of the Osa Peninsula.  

If enough folks are interested by mid-July we will run the program in late December/early January. We estimate costs (before airfare) to be ~$1,850 per person.

If you are interested, please be in touch. 


Click in image to register

Click on image to register

This 12hr. Series is geared for the beginner yogi or newly beginner yoga student wanting to learn an in depth knowledge and understanding of the foundations.

This is a non-intimidating and fun way to get grounded in yoga basics and fundamentals to take this new knowledge of self anywhere into your personal practice and any class.

“You’ve got to be a beginner before you can be anything else”

Sessions involve: 

Lecture, anatomy basics, physical practice, meditation basics, note-taking, discussion Q & A

exploring week by week, processing and integrating, sharing and having fun!

Set up a series today at your studio, Contact Malaika to discuss scheduling options and pricing.

Level 1: Foundations for Beginners

Next Offering: Sept 15, 16, 17th

Intensive Weekend

Soulshine Power Yoga in Essex Jct. Vt

Register Here

"The first clinic was priceless! I am so thrilled to be introduced, at an appropriate beginner level, to the why and how yoga is practiced. Truly a unique opportunity and I have lived a long time to find it."- K. W

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Set up with Malaika and schedule a Yoga Nidra-Deep Relaxation afternoon at your Yoga studio, home, school, or workplace.

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Set up with Malaika and schedule a "LUNCH AND LEARN" at your workplace.

Meditation and the Brain:

This interactive lecture on how meditation works, scientific research explanations and case studies proving enormous benefits on overall health and well-being and how to create space in your life for this ultimate self-care practice called meditation.

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Sacred Space

  a workshop

Restorative. Rejuvinating. Healing. Sound

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