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Mind. Body. Joy. is a global community and teacher training programming led by the heart. The core Mind. Body. Joy. curriculum is led by a diverse group of talented and devoted teachers from around the world with varying specialties and a shared common goal. 


The goal and mission of Mind. Body. Joy. is to empower others through a comprehensive and approachable teacher training programming that develops self-confidence and empowerment, in yourself and your teaching abilities. We believe in always being a student and sharing knowledge of ancient yogic tools for everyday living to create a more loving and peaceful world and helping others to see their truth and live it. 


Mind. Body. Joy. faculty are a devoted group of outstanding individuals who teach from a heart-centered place and share and give to the world assisting and guiding others on their yogic path on and off the mat. Our teachers only teach that which we know and we practice ourselves, from a place of honesty and authenticity.


All of the Mind. Body. Joy. staff are deeply passionate about yoga and what yoga has done to enrich their lives and passionately share with others in the hope of doing the same. The ripple effect of this is tremendous and has powerful effects on healing the planet.


The Mind. Body. Joy. teacher training program is for aspiring yoga teachers and serious practitioners looking to intimately explore the many beautiful layers within ourselves; deepening our understanding of who we are through a loving lens. Practicing self-love creates a strong and powerful ripple through your electromagnetic field so that whoever we come into contact with is affected and this, in turn, raises the vibration of the planet. 


We appreciate the Mind and Body as the vehicles, the powerful tools, and the gifts for us to experience our lives as we walk along our path. When we are truly connected to the ONE universal fabric, in which all of life exists, we are able to experience bliss and joy, revealing our natural and true state of being in which the inherent wisdom that lies within us is felt.

Mind. Body. Joy
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Mind. Body. Joy Faculty

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Mind. Body. Joy
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