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We lead Empowering Classes, Workshops, Retreats and Events together!

Keep a lookout for the "True Soul" logo and you will know its us!

Malaika and Julia met long ago, roughly in 2004, during college at The University of Vermont at their regularly scheduled kickboxing class. Since then they continued to be woven into the tapestry of one anothers' lives through school, coinciding life-changing events, and perhaps most significantly, yoga.

While their formal yoga trainings differ, they meet where they consider the practices to be most meaningful: at the heart of the Self as people living in the world.


These yoginis, as best they can, offer teachings that enable people to harness the courage it takes to open their hearts to love, accept all parts of themselves without judgement, and celebrate the inherent beautiful mess of life's journey. They promote moving deeply into the varied sensations, emotions, and questions that being a human brings up while being held in a safe, compassionate, and introspective space. 


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